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September 15th 2021

Fall patterns are taking place and the redfish are hungry! We're finding them in large school and also finding good snook along side of them! If you're wanting table fare - we're finding good sized Mangrove Snapper on almost every trip! The fishing is great and the water is clean for our island trips to Shell Key and Egmont Key! If you're ready to book your trip - call or text 727.644.8320 or email

May 15th 2021

The Tarpon are here and filling in thick around the bridges, Egmont and Anna Maria area! These fish require some patience and will test your tackle once hooked up! We're using cut Threadfin and Pass crabs when targeting these fish. The grouper and snapper bite is still rockin' in and around Tampa Bay. We're looking forward to Grouper season opening soon! If you're ready to book your trip - call or text 727.644.8320 or email

Sheep 4.jpg

February 12th 2021

The sheepshead are still being found at our bridges and nearby wrecks with good structure. A simple shrimp tail hooked on a jig head or split shots work great! As the water is starting to warm up the big snook are coming out to play! White bait has been the bait of choice for us when targeting the big girls! Give us a call (727)644-8320 or shoot us an email if you're ready to get out! 

December 10th 2020

The sheepshead, flounder and drum are all being caught on Shrimp right now, making it an easy an fun way to catch fish for the entire family! We're also still finding plenty of Snook, Redfish and Trout around a lot of our mangroves/flats and also moving back into some of the residential canals with some of this cooler water!  Give us a call or shoot a message to get in on the action! brandon@stpeteadventures or (727)644-8320 

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September 10th 2020

The snook and redfish bite has been on fire! We're using both live white bait and cut bait to get these fish to eat. If you're wanting keeper fish the snapper and grouper bite has still been great nearshore. Give us a call or shoot a message to get in on the action! brandon@stpeteadventures or (727)644-8320 

August 15th 2020

The snapper bite inside Tampa Bay continues to be great! If you're ready to fill the box with keepers, now is the time! We're also finding plenty of gag and red groupers that are in the keeper size range. Trout are all over the grass flats, so if you want to get the kids out for some quick fishing action, give us a call (727)644-8320 

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July 7th 2020

Snapper and Grouper Bite in the Bay!

The snapper and grouper bite has been great in and around Tampa Bay. If you can get your hands on some decent size shrimp with a 2/0 circle hook and some weight to get you to the bottom - hold on because they're all over the place. Keep a close eye on your bottom finder and look for good hard-bottom spots with some structure. For the Grouper we've been using live pin fish and cut threadfin. Give us a call or shoot us a message if you want to get on the books to fill your cooler! (727)644-8320

June 6th 2020

The Reds, Snook and Trout are fired up! 

Although you can still find some snook and reds in the bay. Most of the larger fish have started making their way out of the bay and heading towards our beaches. Our barrier islands have been holding some great fish! These fish can be caught with live white bait (greenback), cut bait (threadfin, ladyfish & pinfish), and by working soft plastic artificials. The evening summer showers are starting to fire up so give us a call to book an early morning or mid-afternoon trip! (727)644-8320 

Aaron Red.jpg
Snook 2.JPG

May 2nd 2020

Big Snook on the move! 

The big snook are on the move and they're hungry! Our standard rig for these fish is a 7'0 or 7'6 M rod paired with a 3000-4000's reel. We have these spooled up with 15 pound braid and a 20 pound mono leader. Depending on the size of the fish you're targeting, we recommend using a 2/0 or 3/0 circle hook. Remember to let the fish eat the bait with these hooks - we're not bass fishing! We hope you guys catch em' up! Give us a call if you want to book a charter - we're back up and running! (727)644-8320

April 4th 2020

The KINGS are running! 

The king mackerel and spanish macks are all over the beaches right now. However, to find the larger fish, you'll have a little more luck running 10-15 miles offshore. These fish are guaranteed to get the adrenaline going! Give us a call if you want to get on one these amazing fish! (727)644-8320

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Sheep Trip.jpg

March 3rd 2020

Big Sheepshead and Mangrove Snapper!

We're finding some big sheephead and good sized mangove snapper all over the bridges in Tampa Bay and St.Pete beach! Both of these fish also make great table fair! An inshore setup with a 1/0 circle hook seems to do the trick with these fish. Try adding a split shot above the hook to get the bait down a little faster. As far as bait goes, shrimp seems to be doing the trick - and usually very quickly! Give us a call if you want to fill your cooler! (727)644-8320

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